Inventory Information

Wanzhi Inventory Information

50+ deep cooperative stock warehouse

* 15+ 10 million tons of steel park

* 40+ 100,000-ton medium-sized warehouse

* 100+ 10,000-ton micro-miniature transfer warehouse

* 4 Self-operated local warehouse

More than 10 million tons of inventory reserves, inventory real-time monitoring system with worked data sharing and inventory information real-time dynamic update can complete the rapid retrieval of the mainstream inventory market in China, no matter the basic raw material: Billet, Raw Round, Raw Tubes, Raw Wire Rod; midstream finished products: Industrial grade Coils, Plates, Sheets, Wire Rod, Pipes, Rods, Profile; Various types of end products for subsequent deep processing, or non-standard and light OEM customized products, Wanzhi Steel already achieve ultra-fast response to the orders of the whole industry chain inventory products.

More than 2,000 purchases, more than 150 deep factory inspections and qualification test, 25 procurement disputes, 25 cases of procurement disputes have been processed

The perfect procurement process, strict QC control system, professional legal department, fast after-sales service response, the high standard requirements of each link are all derived from the Wanzhi Steel continuous exploration and pursuit of the metal materials industry for many years.

Wanzhi Steel is working hard to explore the integration of production and marketing through strong channel resource integration capabilities and supply chain management, coupled with big data analysis and modern enterprise management to help each partner to provide integration strategies and solutions for foreign trade import projects. At the same time, Wanzhi Steel also provides strategic planning recommendations for the development of import and export business, helping partners to achieve rapid increase in corporate brand value while expanding their local market share.