Wanzhi Group Profile

Wanzhi Group Profile

    The predecessor of Wanzhi Group was established in 2002 located in Henan Zidong Steel Centre by the Mr. Wang Huamin who is founder and chairman of the group.

    At the beginning of the company's establishment, the main business was the inventory and sales of construction materials such as wire coils, rebar, angle bar, channel, I-beam, plates and etc. Afterwards, we begin gradually undertake various types of small and medium-sized engineering projects, use this as a focus, expansion our business scope all-round, and multi-channel parallelism, then develop rapidly so far.

    On August 8, 2018, Wanzhi completed brand integration, equity distribution and asset restructuring, and officially launched the management transformation and strategic layout of Wanzhi Group.

    At present, the main business segment of Wanzhi Group is divided into five sections: construction materials spot storage and sales, import and export trade, project bidding, information network technology, and enterprise management strategy consulting.

About Wanzhi Steel

    Wanzhi Steel is a business unit of Wanzhi Group under the import and export business, relying on the Zhengzhou Wanzhi Materials Co., Ltd which regional subsidiary in Henan province, responsible for the operation of the metal materials import and export business, it is also a self-owned trademark and brand of the Wanzhi Group.

Digital Wanzhi Steel

Wanzhi Steel, 9 major metal materials import and export departments, 90+ types of metal material products covering the entire industry chain

    * 17+ years experience in the metal materials industry, 12+ years experience of import and export, 80+ countries with global cooperation.

    * 6 large cooperative group companies

    * 60+ Large or medium-sized engineering builders and factories

    * 400+ Small or medium-sized import and export trading company

    * 1000+ Micro-trader, individual user

    * 200,000+ tons annual export weight exceeds

    * 30,000,000+ US dollars annual export volume

    * 5 cooperation disputes, 5 cases of cooperation disputes have been resolved

300+ procurement cooperation factories

    * 12 contracted large steel group factories

    Baowu Iron and Steel (BAOWU), Shagang Steel (SHAGANG), Hegang (HBIS), Anshan Iron and Steel (ANSTEEL), Shougang (SHOUGANG), Taiyuan Steel (TISCO), Shangangshan (SHANTTEEL), Maanshan Steel (MASTEEL), Valin Steel (VALIN), Benxi Steel (BXSTEEL), Wugang Steel (WISCO), Tianjin Seamless (TPCO)

    * 160 deep cooperation factories

    * 30+ cooperative factories for more than 15 years

    * 50+ cooperative factories for more than 10 years

    * 80+ cooperative factories for more than 5 years

    * 10 UNPROFOR joint-stock factories

    * 3 capital injection factories

50+ deep cooperative stock warehouse

    * 15+ 10 million tons of steel park

    * 40+ 100,000-ton medium-sized warehouse

    * 100+ 10,000-ton micro-miniature transfer warehouse

    * 4 Self-operated local warehouse

More than 2,000 purchases

    More than 150 deep factory inspections and qualification test

    25 procurement disputes, 25 cases of procurement disputes have been processed

Wanzhi Steel Sales Channel Layout

    At present, Wanzhi Steel has three Chinese subsidiaries and two overseas divisions.

Chinese Subsidiary

1. Northern China

    The subsidiary is located in Tianjin City, the northern hub of China.

    Relying on the scale advantages of the strong traditional carbon steel, building materials and coating products in the northern cities, we can integrates the advantageous production resources in the northern regions of Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong province.

2. Central area of China

    The subsidiary is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

    As a transportation hub city for road, railway and air in China, it is responsible for the resource allocation and transit between the various regions in the all parts of the country.

3. Southern China

    The subsidiary is located in Yiwu City, the most active and developed city in southern China.

    It can not only integrate the product chain resources of the new material center of the Yangtze River Delta and the stainless steel, special steel and new materials of the Pearl River Delta industrial belt, but also can help the company's import and export business department to do front-end data analysis and channel support to deploy the fast-moving products of cross-border e-commerce in the future.

Overseas Business Division

1. North America

    The North American branch is located in Montreal, Canada.

    It is the economic center and main port of Quebec, close to the Great Lakes and connects Canada and the east coast of the United States. Its unique geographical location and developed shipping are the main reasons for decision to set up business division of North America here.

2. Europe

    The European office is located in London, England.

    With long history of trade, strong regional influence, relatively loose foreign exchange management system, and rich financial investment tools, all these weights have pushed Wanzhi to set London as the first window to enter the European market.

Wanzhi Steel Position

300+ procurement cooperation factories, 10 UNPROFOR joint-stock factories, 3 capital injection factories, and 4 self-operated production lines

    From large-scale steel group factories of over one million tons to small processing plants, Wanzhi Steel is striving to upgrade its supply chain through primary raw material resource allocation, production capacity matching and process control.    Whether it is a large-scale bidding project or a small order of small and micro foreign trade companies; No matter it is a demanding military product under strict requirements or a low-budget purchase demand by small trader under under serious price wars, Wanzhi Steel can meet all the requirements or needs of partners in a variety of different scenarios.

50+ deep cooperative stock warehouse, 4 self-operated local warehouses

    More than 10 million tons of inventory reserves, inventory real-time monitoring system with worked data sharing and inventory information real-time dynamic update can complete the rapid retrieval of the mainstream inventory market in China, no matter the basic raw material: Billet, Raw Round, Raw Tubes, Raw Wire Rod; midstream finished products: Industrial grade Coils, Plates, Sheets, Wire Rod, Pipes, Rods, Profile; Various types of end products for subsequent deep processing, or non-standard and light OEM customized products, Wanzhi Steel already achieve ultra-fast response to the orders of the whole industry chain inventory products.

More than 2,000 purchases, more than 150 deep factory inspections and qualification test, 25 procurement disputes, 25 cases of procurement disputes have been processed

    The perfect procurement process, strict QC control system, professional legal department, fast after-sales service response, the high standard requirements of each link are all derived from the Wanzhi Steel continuous exploration and pursuit of the metal materials industry for many years.

    Wanzhi Steel is working hard to explore the integration of production and marketing through strong channel resource integration capabilities and supply chain management, coupled with big data analysis and modern enterprise management to help each partner to provide integration strategies and solutions for foreign trade import projects. At the same time, Wanzhi Steel also provides strategic planning recommendations for the development of import and export business, helping partners to achieve rapid increase in corporate brand value while expanding their local market share.

Wanzhi Steel Related Departments

Wanzhi Metal Materials Research Institute

    Wanzhi Metal Materials Research Institute aims to provide product technical support to relevant departments of the Wanzhi Group.

    They are not only need to meet the inspection request of various departments of the company, but more important continuously update its technical reserves, explore new materials and technologies in order to increase the market share and influence of Wanzhi Steel in the High-end metal materials market.

Wanzhi Business School

    Wanzhi Business School is an education base under the Wanzhi Group. It is specially set up for the development of reserve talents for the relevant departments of the group company. By transforming all kinds of information and knowledge into the wisdom of the organization, it has precipitated a set of echelon growth system and operation mechanism that belongs to Wanzhi Group, and continuously brings fresh blood join and ideological innovation to Wanzhi to maintains vitality and competitiveness.

    At present, the business school mainly has two core tasks. On the one hand, it is responsible for providing the relevant departments with excellent talent reserves for each echelon. On the other hand, it is mainly responsible for comprehensively improving the leadership and management capabilities of the group's senior executives.

Wanzhi Charity Foundation

    Wanzhi Charity Foundation is a platform for wanzhi steel to realize the social value of the company, through the foundation, it attracts more enterprises to join the ranks of charity and generate greater social influence.

Wanzhi Steel New Three-Year Plan

    Wanzhi Steel's new three-year strategic plan from 2017 to 2020 years

    Strategic Goal: through online sales, combined with offline exhibitions, field visits, and localized follow-up services, in order to significantly increase the market share of three target market regions, fully accelerate the strategic layout of local distributors, agents, and overseas offices.

    Target Market: three major sectors in South America, Southeast Asia and Africa

    Target business: Local infrastructure projects, Large and medium-sized bidding projects, Building renovations and upgrades, Supply of raw materials upstream of large and medium-sized factories, Small and medium traders trade orders

    Business to be expanded: construction cooperation under various building conditions, Dispatching and technical support of overseas construction personnel

The future of Wanzhi Steel

    Wanzhi Steel, industry leader in one-stop sourcing solutions for metallic materials.

    We are not only a reliable supplier for all partners, but also a planner for the development of strategic planning consulting for your company, and also a accompany that can be relied on in the long road of commercial market development.

    In the future, we will redefine the concept and positioning of traditional trade.

    Wanzhi Steel, stay tuned please.